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Dear Designers & Hunters

Hi and thank you for participating in the current hunt. I hope you will be participating in many more as we begin our journey together. Blossom Productions has just opened its doors to organizing events and hunts this year, in 2019. We start with having the fun seasonal hunts throughout the year. We are not a well-renowned name. Neither do we have the proper framework to push your sales. But TOGETHER WE CAN. For the first year, 2019, we won't be accepting any sponsors for our hunts. So, all participating designers during the hunt will receive equal attention and the best advertisements and spams we can provide during the hunt. I will be highly obliged if you could also advertise via your store social media accounts for the hunt items. That way the exposure gets maximized. I would appreciate if you would like to join the Blossom Productions Group. However, it is not Mandatory. Our aim is to Grow Together.


GiaBlossom Resident


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